An online education gives students the opportunity to learn on their own schedule and create a curriculum based on their own passions and interests. At CalPac, we provide a free online high school experience that uses today’s modern technology and a personalized approach to learning to empower all types of learners from all types of educational backgrounds.

The uniqueness and diversity of each student is matched by the innovativeness and variety of our free online courses. We provide a flexible learning environment and modern educational technology to give students the freedom to do their schoolwork in a way that best suits their goals, pace, and style of learning. CalPac’s free online high school California program makes parental choice and input a priority; we give you the opportunity to choose the educational direction of your student while maintaining the consistency of a traditional school program calendar. In turn, your student becomes a responsible, independent-learner through our customizable online curriculum.

How CalPac’s Free Online High School, California Works

As part of the CalPac’s high school program, students are required to complete their school assignments every week. These can be accessed any time, 24/7, through our online platform. Each course has a weekly live session, which is held in real time, in a virtual classroom. Teachers may use additional online resources to take students on virtual field trips or provide supplementary materials like PowerPoint presentations, videos, and articles to enrich the course content. There are no books or worksheets, everything your high school student needs is available online.

Assignments must be submitted by their deadline, but students have the freedom to complete their work throughout the week at their own convenience. Student needs are identified and monitored through ongoing online assessments, which give teachers deeper insight as to what areas of the curriculum students are thriving or struggling. 

Why Choose CalPac

CalPac’s virtual high school provides engaging and relevant curriculum that’s aligned with California state standards and grade level requirements.

We strive to build and strengthen relationships between CalPac families, programs, authorizers, and the community to create a learning environment that supports everyone. Our comprehensive support system is available to both students and families. We want our students to thrive in this online environment and be ready for college and career. Our credentialed educators are available to CalPac students during regular business hours, and work closely with you and your family to review your student’s performance and collaborate on the best course of study.

We also offer our students the chance to interact outside the online classroom and build a sense of community though clubs and CalPac-sponsored events. We host meet ups, field trips, and even an annual (online!) talent show each year to help bring students together. 

What It Means to Have a Free Online High School California Accreditation 

CalPac is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which is one of the six official academic organizations responsible for the accreditation of public and private schools in the United States. If you’re looking for a free online high school in California, you can have the confidence that your student will receive an outstanding education at CalPac. Our accreditation is a statement to our families, community and stakeholders that we are fully committed to providing a reputable and trustworthy education to our students.

Being accredited by an outside, legitimate authority proves we are equipping our students with curriculum, faculty, facility, and student support services that meet state standards. These credentials make CalPac’s online charter school program a respectable and appealing alternative to traditional brick and mortar schooling. 

Get Started at CalPac

A CalPac education is available to students in grades 6th to 12th living in Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura Counties. To enroll and begin your student’s CalPac education, visit our enrollment page.

Our educators and support staff look forward to building a positive educational environment for you and your student through our accredited online high school program. To request more information on CalPac, please contact our office at 855-225-7227.