May 3, 2021

Your Mind Matters

By Ms. Alice Pak

Mental Health Awareness Month is here and if you have ever found yourself consumed with negative thoughts or get easily caught up with worry or anxiety, you probably know how detrimental they can be on important aspects of your life. Not just including school but health and relationships are impacted in ways can prevent you from enjoying life and drain your energy.

So what is the good news? With willingness, to ask for help and having a positive outlook you can replace negativity with thoughts that help. If you feel like you cannot manage them on your own, there is always help available. At Calpac, we have caring administration, teachers, and other support staff that are here for you if you need.

What are some of the ways you can counter your negative thoughts?

  • Positive affirmations- When you feel a negative thought to cross your mind, say a positive affirmation. Tell yourself “It’s ok”, reshape your mind and turn them into tools to challenge negativity.
  • Take a break!- allow yourself a few minutes to move on with your day. Focus on the positive and strengths you have to build self- confidence.
  • Seek out professional support- If you need help with this, our counselors and teachers can help you seek out the professional support you need to help you reduce emotional suffering and experience self- growth. Don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s a healthy action and we can definitely help you connect with a professional that can help with your mindset

Remember, every time it rains, it stops raining. After darkness, there is always light. It’s ok to have bad days. But remember, you don’t have to struggle alone. You have so much support at Calpac! Your teachers, counselors, and administration are here for you when you need it. Keep pushing forward and stay positive.