April 30, 2021

The Importance of Mental Health

An article submitted by CalPac's ASB Student Council

Out of everything to prioritize in your daily life, from daily responsibilities like schoolwork, leisure activities, and maintaining relationships with family, friends, and teachers, mental health needs to be the one that comes first. After all, you need to mentally stable to do any of those things right. However, with so much going on in your daily life, such as those aforementioned things, as well as doing those things right, it can be difficult to keep mental health a priority. Thankfully, that is where planning your day comes in In your daily life! Take time out of the day to evaluate your mental health and see what it is hurting and/or helping it! Even though it is a crucial step, it leads to the questions: how can you identify the things hurting your mental health and, perhaps more importantly, how can you overcome those obstacles? Even though it may be difficult, it is possible. With due diligence and effort, you can overcome those obstacles!

The first thing to do is to identify the things hurting your mental health. This can include identifying the toxic/harmful people in your life and cut-off connections with those people, seeing if you’re getting the right amount of sleep (since sleeping does affect your mental health), and seeing if you’re doing enough physical activity (like sleeping, physical activity affects your mental health as well!). 

Of course, you can’t get rid of everything that is harming your mental health/stressing you out. School is a stressor for many, and you can’t necessarily get rid of school. This is why your teachers are always there to help you. If you feel like schoolwork is overwhelming and stressing you out, contact your content teachers for tutoring and/or contact your homeroom teacher to discuss how to make school go smoother for you.

However, your teachers aren’t the only ones to contact if you are struggling with mental health issues. Suppressing what is harming deep down inside will only make it worse; expressing what is harming you and seeking help will make it better. Along with your teachers, always make sure that you are discussing whatever is hurting your mental health with trusted friends, family members, and mental help professionals that will help out the best they can. 

Regardless of how much happens in your daily life, try to find some time to reflect on your mental health. Furthermore, you must critically analyze the things in your life that are helping or hurting your health and seek others for guidance through stressors. Routinely doing all of those things will cause your mental health to drastically improve—even if you were already mentally healthy! So, by all means necessary, critically evaluate your mental health!