Feb. 1, 2019

Test Taking Tips/Strategies

Using testing strategies can reduce your anxiety, boosts your confidence and make sure that your test score will reflect your knowledge of the subjects you’re being tested on.

Before the Test:

  1. Determine the academic areas that you need to improve in a timely manner before the test
  2. Look over the resources, practice problems, previous practice test to master those areas
  3. Make sure to take notes or make flash cards and keep reviewing the information you are learning
  4. Do not forget to exercise for a having a healthy body and mind
  5. Go to bed early the night before the test so you are well rested
  6. Eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the test. Make sure to include protein and fruits in your breakfast
  7. Wear comfortable clothing
  8. Try to arrive 15-20 minutes early to the testing site so you have enough time to check in

During the Test:

  1. Start the test with a positive attitude
  2. Read questions very carefully and ask questions if you do not understand
  3. DO NOT panic if you do not know the answer. Do the easier questions first then the harder ones in order to boost your confidence
  4. NEVER rush to answer the questions. Always pause, think and then respond to the questions.
  5. Manage your time and do not spend too much time on one question
  6. Look for the key words such as “discuss”, “compare”, “design” and so on… in questions
  7. Read all the answers carefully and if you have no idea what the correct answer is, eliminate answers that you know are wrong
  8. If you are dealing with a passage, look for the main idea (Usually English)
  9. If you are dealing with a word-problem, imagine yourself as the character in that problem and try to break down the problem to several steps (Usually math)
  10. Do not leave any questions blank. Make an educated guess if you must.
  11. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed out during the test, ask to be excused for a short break, go out and take a deep breath of fresh air and keep positive thoughts
  12. Have faith in yourself and keep reminding yourself, “I CAN DO THIS!!!”


After the Test:

  1. As soon as you leave the testing site, Analyze your performance
  2. If you did poorly on the test, learn from your mistakes and start writing down the areas that require improvement
  3. Never give up and work harder, dig deeper and determine how you can improve future results!