Dec. 30, 2020

Taking "Me Time"

By Mrs. Kathryn Sutton

Now more than ever, the world around us seems to become more chaotic each day. We often prioritize the demands of everyday life, multi-tasking from sun up to sun down, which can cause overstimulation, forgetfulness, and unnecessary stress. While feeling normal during this uncertain time can seem almost impossible, incorporating “me time” into your daily routine can bring back feelings of peace, comfort, and normalcy. 

Taking time for yourself is vital.  “Me time” is focusing on yourself and doing something you enjoy doing. This time gives your brain a break and allows you to relax and ultimately feel less stressed. Here are a few ways to incorporate “me time” into your daily routine: 

  • Create Something - write, draw, photograph, bake a cake, color in a coloring book, just for fun! Don’t worry about how it turns out or whether you’ve achieved perfection. The end result is not the important part; the act of being creative is! 
  • Indulge in a Hobby (or try a new one!) - What do you love to do? What have you always wanted to try, but never have? Learn to sew a pillow, paint a birdhouse, master a new trick on a skateboard, teach your dog to roll over… It can be anything! 
  • Clear your Head by Exercising - Get outside for a run or walk, ride your bike or skateboard around the neighborhood, try a yoga class (YouTube has great ones!), meditate for five minutes, or just put on some music and have your own dance party! 
  • Unplug - We are online or staring at a screen for multiple hours a day. Designating a time each day to turn off all electronics helps from feeling overwhelmed.