April 30, 2020

Star Student: Anthony L.

CalPac is happy to recognize Anthony L. as STAR Student the month! Anthony has been a great student to work with all year long. He has a great work ethic, reaches out for help as needed and always actively participates in live sessions and extracurricular events. Anthony is kind, helpful and brings joy to our school. 

Here are her answers to our STAR Student interview! 

What’s your favorite thing about school?

Anthony: My favorite thing about school are Science projects. 

Why do you like learning at home?  

Anthony: I like that I am able to earn Scout merit badges. 

What is your favorite thing about yourself and why? 

Anthony: My favorite thing about myself is my personality because I like to catch lizards, and I like lizards.

Share a few things you enjoy doing in your spare time.

Anthony:  I like to draw, play beyblades, pokemon, and build things.

Explain what you think it takes to be a good student?

Anthony: A good student follows all of the rules and doesn’t do anything wrong. A good student gets good grades.

Finish this sentence... When I grow up…

Anthony: When I grow up I want to be a Scientist and to make Pokemon a real thing from their DNA. I have already collected a snake's DNA and I am starting to plan on how I will make it into a Pokemon.  Also, I will try not to mess anything up in my life so that I can be happy.