June 4, 2019

Star Student: Alexus R.

Meet our Star Student of the month Alexus R.  She has been attending CalPac since 6th grade.  When asked about CalPac Online, she said, “I like being homeschooled because it gave me the time to find myself and not focus on being popular or having a lot of friends. The few friends I do have are the realest people to me. CalPac is a great place to be because it’s easy to use Edgenuity and everything is organized.  The teachers are friendly and they are there to help.  When I had a hard time motivating myself, my teachers believed in me and inspired me to keep working hard."

In her spare time, Alexus likes to paint and make things with her hands. She also love to exercise and workout because it makes her feel calm and stress free.  She loves that CalPac gives her the flexible schedule to pursue her passions while getting her schoolwork done.  She enjoys taking Psychology, Health and PE through CalPac.  CalPac offers a wide variety of classes to choose from.

After high school, Alexus wants to go to college to become an Ultrasound technician. She really wanted to find something she enjoys doing and this is her ultimate goal and career after high school. 10 years from now, she sees herself married and starting a family.

Lastly, she'd like to tell any prospective student this:

"One piece of advice I’d like to share with someone who wants to take online class is make sure to remember your motivation and to never be afraid to ask your teachers if you need help with anything.  The CalPac teachers are always willing to help."