Jan. 1, 2022

New Year New YOU!

By Ms. Liz DelConte

2021 has come and gone!  It’s time to step back and reflect on how your 2021 year was. Did you achieve your goals? Did you make any noteworthy accomplishments you should pat yourself on the back for?  Did you have any hardships that held you back? Take a moment to pause and think back on what 2021 was like for you. What changes do you want to make moving forward this year? Below are some tips to help kick off your new year with a fresh start!

  1. Make Your Bed Every Morning- Making your bed every morning might seem like a silly task to some since you know you are going to just mess it up again by sleeping in it at night. However it is an excellent habit you can start now to give yourself a sense of accomplishment at the start of every new day. A neatly made  bed can also encourage you to keep the rest of the room tidy!
  2. Positive Thinking- If you think you can you are halfway to reaching your goal. Positive thinking can improve your mental and physical health and allow you to be more focused and concentrated. Imagine if you spent all the time you are normally stressed and worried and instead spent that time thinking positively.  What could you accomplish with that time?  It is not always an easy task to think positively so start small. What is one good thing you did today? Or one thing you are proud of yourself for?
  3. Healthy Eating Habits- Many of us make new year's resolutions to eat healthy but then our bad habits sneak back in. Instead of focusing on a diet, start your new year off by taking a look into your eating habits. Do you keep junk food in the house which makes it an easy grab and go snack? Instead of buying junk food, what other foods do you enjoy that make for quick and easy snacks? Try loading up your pantry and refrigerator with nutritious fruits, veggies and nuts that are prepared to grab and go. The most important factor to create healthy eating habits is planning. If you plan for your meals and snacks you will be less tempted to eat the whole bag of chips. 
  4. Move Your Body-  Get up and stretch, dance, walk or run. What every movement you enjoy, get up and move your body each and every day!  Being an online student requires more time at the computer than a traditional setting so don’t forget to set time aside each day to move. Doing what you love will help you create an exercise routine that you can stick to. Not all of us love to run or do yoga so try new things to find out what you enjoy.
  5. Start Saving- Spend a little, save a little is a great motto to kick off the new year. Even if it’s just a few dollars a month if you start saving now it can add up over time.  Skip the starbucks and target dollar section and save those dollars for something you really want or need. 

 This is just a short list to get your brain focused on changes you can make in the new year. Start by picking one thing you can focus on today to improve. It can be as simple as I am reading this on my computer and need to get up and move my body! Welcome to 2022. What new things will this year bring to you?