June 6, 2019

Middle School Star Student: Justin C.

Meet Justin, a 6th grader here at CalPac.

-How long have you been attending CalPac?

This was my first year of CALPAC, so I’ve been attending for a year. I like that it is flexible and you can go ahead and not have to do any assignments the next day, or if you have to, you can go behind and catch up later. The staff is very helpful and you can contact them at any time during school hours and sometimes out of school hours. There is also study hall and writing lounge where the teachers will help you. The live sessions is a virtual class where all students get together to learn from the teacher. The live sessions are very fun and helps you a lot. I also like all the fun events, clubs, and field trips, because it helps you learn about your school and other people more, and you can make school fun.

-What are your hobbies and interest?

I really like math, writing, and drawing. I love art, love to draw, and love to write a lot especially fiction. I also like math and I am very good at it. I like music too, and I even play keyboard myself. I am in a family band called Liliac, and try to practice every day after school. I also like sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, taekwondo etc. I enjoy playing video games, I like to say jokes, and I love to travel. I am very interested in reptiles and I have a bearded dragon at home.

-What do you enjoy about being an online student?

I enjoy that I can stay home and stay comfortable and warm while I do my schoolwork. When I need to do something at home, I can still do it or can take a short break when I want. It’s also helpful when you’re traveling. In public school, you will have to miss the days you don’t attend when you travel, but online, you can take the computer with you. I can also start and finish school earlier or later than I would in public school. It gives me more time to take care of my bearded dragon. Sometimes it can be challenging when the Odysseyware software gives you lots of assignments in one day and it becomes hard to finish but other than that i really enjoy CalPac.

-Where do you see yourself after high school, what college do you plan on attending?

I see myself practicing my keyboard more, writing and drawing, exercising,  performing with my band at big concerts, and travelling many places. I may also start on my comedian career and maybe be a youtuber. I do not plan on attending a college because I am already on a good path with my band and this is already what I want to do. Although I think college would be a great thing, and would recommend it, I think it would be on obstacle of performing with my band. If I had to attedn college, I would like to go to UCLA because it does seems like an amazing college.

-One piece of advice you have for someone who may want to take online classes at Calpac.

Don’t be scared to ask for help when you need it. Teachers and tutors are there if you need them. Of course, follow all the rules, stay on track, and just try your best at all the subjects and get the best grades that you can. My 4th grade teacher always said, “Mistakes are proof that you are learning!”