April 30, 2020

It’s Important To Stay Mentally Healthy

By Mrs. Lisa Martinez

Have you had a hard time logging into school, or you don’t feel like being social, and you don’t really understand why? You are not alone. Children and young adults often have a difficult time doing things they’re supposed to do, need to do, or want to do, because of how they are feeling. Everyone experiences going through tough times, but sometimes these feelings last longer or feel stronger. Understanding how to deal with these feelings is very important and applying practices to support your mental health is just as important as being physically healthy. Here are six tips to help you stay mentally healthy! 

  • Build a good support system with people you can trust, and talk to someone when feeling down

  • Get good sleep

  • Engage in physical activity

  • Learn ways to manage stress

  • Focus on positive things and your personal strengths 

  • Do things that make you happy

*** For immediate help, and to talk to someone: https://www.mentalhealth.gov/talk/young-people

Tips for parents to help their children become mentally healthy: