Oct. 30, 2019

How Can People Make a Difference in their Community?

Communities are made of people or things sharing the same environment. The beginning of the year, our second-grade students learned about how to be a responsible community member. They learned that your neighborhood, your family and your school are all examples of communities. Did you know that YOU can make a difference in your own community?! They brainstormed ways to be a responsible community member inside and outside of their home. Here is what they came up with!

How can we be a responsible member of our family community?
We can be good members of our family by putting our dirty dishes away.
By being nice to my big brother.
I can help my mom with my baby sister by changing her diaper.
I can put my shoes away and not leave them in front of the door.
I can put my dirty laundry in the hamper and not on the floor.
My dad and I help make dinner two nights a week.

How can we be a responsible member of our school community?
I can turn in my work on time.
We can all say nice things in our live lessons.
We can encourage our classmates so they keep trying.
I can log in and do my lessons each day.
I can help someone else with their work.

How can we be a responsible member of our neighborhood community?
Being a good community member means working as a
team. If everyone does their part, our neighborhood would
be litter free! Cleaning up our neighborhood is everyone’s
People can help by picking up trash. Do not throw trash on
the floor. Put plastic in recycle bins.
Help keep the planet clean.
People can plant trees and flowers to clean up the air.