Aug. 23, 2019

Helpful Tips for a Successful Year at CalPac

Setting Up for Success BEFORE School Starts

I get so excited when I see the many aisles of school supplies popping up in stores during these late summer weeks before school starts.  I love to see what the new mechanical pencils look like, dig through the stacks of pocket folders with their glossy covers, and help my daughter pick out a new backpack and lunchbox. 

Now that you are learning online and from home, perhaps you no longer shop for pencils, rulers, trapper-keepers, or glue.  In fact, your new list consists of more sophisticated (and expensive) school supplies like webcams, earbuds and computers, but believe it or not, prepping during the week just prior to the start of school is as important as the first day itself. 

For many of you, learning online or from home may be unfamiliar, even a first-time experience.  Here are some best practices and important resources that will ensure you get off to a strong start.  And, if you are a seasoned expert at home-based learning, you’ll still glean some tips below that will catapult your achievement from good to great!  Incorporate the following and you will start the year strong. 


Keep a Calendar

Whether it’s Google Calendar or Franklin Covey, a calendar or student agenda is a MUST!  Start by scheduling your daily live sessions and homeroom meetings and then schedule your school time around them.  Middle and high school students say it’s important to print out your Live Session Calendar and set an alarm on your phone to go off 10 minutes before each session.  Make a schedule and stick to it! 


Connect with your Homeroom Teacher

CalPacs sets you up with your very own concierge service.  It’s red-carpet treatment you won’t find at any other school!  Add your HR teacher’s contact information to your cell phones –this is just as important for parents – and feel free to text your teachers.  Forgot your password?  Call your HR teacher.  Need a Catch-Up Plan?  Call your HR teacher.  Need transcripts?  Want to attend the next field trip?  Need to sign up for a club?  Call your HR teacher!


Get Involved

You will be amazed at how dynamic our school culture is and how many varied activities are available for students.  We have a vastly diverse student body and there is something for everyone.  Attend “Orientation” and “Back to School” with your parents, and don’t forget that all teachers are available to meet for tutoring and study hall should you ever have the need.


Student Google Drive

As eager as your HR teacher is to hear from you any day of the week, you may prefer to help yourself.  The Google Student Drive has every informational document you’ll ever need.  Be sure to bookmark this Drive and click away to find the many morsels housed here.


Custom Tailor

If you attend Monday – Friday with no absences, stay on pace in your classes, and attended weekly Live Sessions, you get to create your very own, custom-tailored school experience!  This is what makes CalPacs so special.  Because of our unparalleled flexibility, students can excel at full-time school while simultaneously practicing a sport, working a job, fulfilling religious activities, pursuing acting or artistic dreams, or caring for loved ones.  You can do it all!