Aug. 3, 2021

Fun and Educational Activities

By Ms. Frances Acin

Summer is a fun time for our kids; however, we want to make it entertaining and educational for them. Here are some activities to help make your summer delightful and engaging. 

  • Construct a backyard obstacle course with hula hoops, jump ropes, sticks, stones, hoses, and other materials from around the house. 
  • Encourage your child to decorate their bikes with fun streamers, stickers, and flags, then go on the most epic bike ride ever! 
  • Learn to cook something new! Grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies are the best! 
  • Have an at-home picnic. 
  • Paint something creative outside! 
  • Take an inspiring tour of your local emergency station. 
  • Go fishing! 
  • My personal favorite, decorate rocks! You can decorate them with paint, markers, glitter, and any other art supply that you might have. 
  • Go hiking! Visit wonderful landmarks. 
  • Arrange a scavenger hunt! What adventurous child doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? 

Whatever you end up doing, always remember to stay safe and, most importantly, have tons of fun!!