April 29, 2021

Finding Balance

By Ms. Leslee Bayer

Do you feel like you are always sitting in one spot and working on school work? Or do you struggle to sit down and work - there are too many things to distract you - friends, video games, family activities, TV, or more? To stay motivated and on task is the key is to find balance in your day. 

Organization is an important part of finding balance. To help me stay organized I love the electronic sticky notes with my to-do priority items. For my good friend, Ms. Berry, it is a color-coded calendar with all of her to-do items and student meetings. A recent workshop I attended said that making a to-do list doesn’t mean you will cross off every single item on the list. Write your priority items at the top (or schedule them into your calendar) - i.e. meeting with your teacher, live sessions, or English essay due Friday; it is also important to put those to-do items on your list that are important but unrelated to school - exercising, hanging out with friends, and even time for lunch! Make your organization fun and colorful - mark the important items with stars, make them bold, or add a splash of color.

When is the best time to fit in your school work, your social activities, and your daily workout? For me I like to wake up in the morning and do my grading with a cup of coffee - for others I know they are more productive later in the day. Incorporate breaks for yourself throughout the day as well as time away from your phone, gaming, and other technology to help keep you focused. If you are in physical education class, doing your workout midday is a great way to break up your day! Try to plan one fun activity you like each day. Is it a walk in the evening that you enjoy? Is it playing with your dog at the park? Be sure to put those on your calendar and know that these are important for finding balance, too. Recent data shows that during the pandemic people have chosen light-hearted movies more than other types of entertainment. Enjoy a movie break in the evening with some popcorn and a family member to help you relax. 

As we get closer to summer break think about how you want to prioritize your summer days and keep a healthy balance between being productive and having fun. Yes we need those days when we have nothing on the schedule - but summer can also be a time to do those things that have been lower on our priority list that now can be accomplished. Do you want to take summer school, train for a 5k, join a new club or activity, plan a mini-vacation with your family or get a summer job? Visualize accomplishing one of these goals and know the time and effort will have been worth it when it happens!  When we become better organized, make our priority list, include time for ourselves, and set goals we are able to find a better balance. I hope you are able to find your own balance at the end of the school year and in the summer months ahead!