March 27, 2020

Family Activities

Parents, you may now have more kids home and many changes happening.  We wanted to compile some ideas on things to do with your family during this time! 
Check out the ideas below!  
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 3.12.11 PM.png
  1. Graph the birds that frequent your yard or windows.
  2. Write and mail a letter to your teacher, principal, or classmate pen pal and address the envelope to yourself.
  3. Interview a family member.
  4. Alphabetize the spices in your kitchen.
  5. Design and build puppets to perform a show or a math problem.
  6. Construct a family tree.
  7. Create and record yourself hosting a news show or broadcasting the news. 
  8. Draw a map of your neighborhood.
  9. Learn, practice, and perform a magic trick.
  10. Sit and be completely silent for 15 minutes. Then write or record your experience.
  11. Color in a map of all the states you and your family have visited.
  12. Build a fort with things you have around your house.
  13. Collect leaves from 10 (non-harmful) plants and categorize them based on color and shape.
  14. Write a poem with chalk on the sidewalk.
  15. Measure your bed using 3 different non-standard units.
  16. Create and use a secret code.
  17. Play board games.
  18. Use a deck of cards to practice Math.
  19. Create a calming jar.
  20. Make edible Science.
  21. Dress up and reenact your favorite story.
  22. Create your own stress ball.
  23. Gather and paint rocks and write kind messages.
  24. Create a Lego Challenge for a family member to complete. 
  25. Go on a color, shape, or letter hunt around your house.