Jan. 31, 2020

Elementary Makerspace

We are so excited to announce that Elementary Makerspace Sessions are starting soon for all K-6 students!  What is a makerspace, you ask?! Makerspaces are a hands-on method for science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics learning.  It gives students a space to explore, tinker, and create in all of these subjects. 

Starting in February, the K-6 team will be hosting Makerspace Sessions the last Friday of the month at 11:00am PST live through Zoom.  Each month, families will receive a flyer that introduces the challenge! At the beginning of the month, review the materials needed, essential question, and follow the activity to complete the makerspace challenge.  Students will have the month to design and construct their project. Then on the last Friday of the month, students will bring their project/creation and reflections to the live makerspace session to share and reflect!

Check out the upcoming Makerspace Challenges below! 

Tower of Power

Event Date: Friday, February 28th

Time: 11:00 am

Link to join all Makerspace sessions: https://zoom.us/j/533512043

Roller Coaster Challenge

Essential Question: Choose one:

How can I have a marble take the GREATEST amount of time to get from the top of the first hill to where the coaster ends?

How can I make a coaster using the least amount of supplies?

How do roller coaster designs obey the laws of physics?

Event Date: Friday, March 27th

Floating Event

Essential Question: How is a boat designed to float?

Event Date: Friday, April 24th

Iggy Peck Bridge Design

Event Date: Friday, May 29th

Essential Question: What are some strategies that you use when faced with a challenge?