Feb. 26, 2020

College Profile: Saint Mary's College

By Mrs. Alyssa Ginn

As you’re considering steps after high school graduation, I strongly encourage you to consider local private colleges. At first, I had ruled out private schools thinking they were much too expensive. However, I applied anyway because it was close to home and I wanted to keep my options open for when it came time to decide. I was shocked to discover that with a combination of grants and scholarships offered by the school, it was more affordable than me attending a University of California school.

I’m a proud alumnus of Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California. I’m a lifelong Gael now who proudly drives around with a Saint Mary’s license plate frame. I was a transfer student from a local community college, so I only had two years there, but then I returned for another year for my teaching credential. This school becomes another home!

Some highlights:

Campus—it’s beautiful! It’s often named as one of America’s most beautiful campuses. Close to SF but also plenty of nature to explore.

Seminar—a specialty of Saint Mary’s. I always thought of it as book club with people who read the book!

January Term—a month long single course where you can choose a class that appeals to you, not major specific! It’s often an excellent travel opportunity.

Class size- you’ll know your professors and they’ll know you! Being anonymous never appealed to me and I wasn’t at all. I still am in contact with a few of my professors.