Jan. 27, 2021

CAASPP Testing 101

By Ms. Littig

Over the next few months, you might hear a lot about CAASPP testing, particularly if you are in grades 3-8 and 11-12 (or a parent of those students).  What exactly is CAASPP testing?  Why does it matter?  Well, it might not surprise you to learn that there are a lot of acronyms involved!  CAASPP stands for California (CA) Assessment of (A) Student (S) Performance and (P) Progress (P).  Whew, what a mouthful!  Now you can see why we use the abbreviation.  CAASPP testing is made up of 3 different tests--math and English tests for all students grades 3-8 and 11, as well as a science test for students grades 5, 8, and 11.

Now that we know what CAASPP testing is, let's discuss why CAASPP testing matters.  There are two main reasons:  1. to measure students' academic growth and 2. to keep CalPac open.  The first reason is fairly straightforward.  We know students have been working so hard in all of their classes and making significant academic growth each year.  The CAASPP test measures that growth so your teachers can celebrate your areas of strength and help you with areas for improvement.  It's your time to shine!

The second reason CAASPP testing is so important is that it allows CalPac to stay open!  CalPac is a public charter school, which means that we go through an approval process every 5 years to keep our charter (for CalPac to stay in operation).  Legislation has added new requirements for us to keep our charter:  95% of all CalPac students must participate in CAASPP testing and CalPac students must show academic excellence and/or growth over time on the CAASPP tests.  Basically, it's important for all students to participate in CAASPP testing in order for CalPac to remain open!

The great news is your teachers have planned your classes and Live Sessions to make sure that you are prepared for the CAASPP tests.  All you have to do is keep working hard in your courses and then be ready to show off your incredible academic skills!