Aug. 3, 2021

Backyard Fun

By Ms. Ari Tavakoulnia

Are you unable to travel over the summer? Or need something different to do? Here are some fun activities that you can do in your own backyard or even your living room!

  • Backyard Pipe Ball Game

This game can be played with multiple players with multiple players and multiple teams. In this game, you toss a tennis ball into the object of the game is to toss a tennis ball into the pipes to score! one of the pipes to score points.

  • Backyard Tetherball Set

Make your Tetherball set using a tire, a metal pole, and your tetherball.

  • Bubble Wrap Twister

Twister is a great game for kids and adults! Give it a try! Add a special element by covering the mat in bubble wrap. This makes the game even more fun than ever!

  • Tin Can Bowling

Do you have some empty recycling bins sitting in your recycling bin? AWESOME! You can use some imagination, paint the tin cans pretty colors, stack them up and start throwing! This is a great activity to do with the whole family.

  • Backyard Scrabble

You can make your own scrabble board and tiles and then let the game begins! Have you ever seen such a unique and cool idea?

  • Connect Four

This giant yard games requires some basic woodworking knowledge and some power tools, but you will have many years of fun with this awesome mind-twisting game.

  • Plant a Fence Garden
  • Paint some old cans and place them along the fence. Plant your favorite pretty flowers and watch how that bit of extra color really makes your backyard come to life.

  • Yard Game Tic Tac Toe

Make your own giant size Tic Tac Toe game using some rope and cutouts of Xs and Os!

  •  A Rainbow-Colored Hopscotch Mat

  Fun with numbers is just a hop, skip and a jump away with this homemade hopscotch.

  •  Set-Up Camp

Set up camp right in your backyard by making a canvas teepee. Decorate it with twinkle lights, bright out some cozy blankets and

pillows and don’t forget the hot cocoa!

  • Backyard Water Game

Click here for nine wacky water games to cool off and have a blast getting soaked!