June 1, 2021

Avoid Brain Drain During Summer

By Ms. Annie Canosa

Summer should be fun and relaxing for students BUT not at the expense of educational digression!  The summertime “brain drain” is real but here are some creative, engaging ways (provided by your very own CalPacs teachers) to retain all the knowledge you worked so hard to learn at school and start next year with confidence and a full cerebral tank!


Khan Academy has courses to help you keep your arithmetic sharp over the summer.  If you are a junior or senior and college bound, full-length SAT practice tests can be found exclusively on Khan Academy.  To feel more confident and get ready for your next year’s math class, the Khan Academy “Get Ready” series is a sure bet - all found at khanacademy.org.


To improve your Spanish over the summer download Duolingo; a free app for students of all ages.  It’s one of the most popular ways to improve your Spanish with just a few minutes each day with game-like sessions on your phone and on the go.  Also, check out the Netflix series Taco Chronicles; a tantalizing series of Mexico’s favorite street food.


The CalPacs English Department has these fabulous suggestions for summertime.  Write in a journal, even just to log your summer experiences.  This can be in the form of a blog or thoughtfully worded captions on an Instagram photo blog.  Enjoy reading books over the summer!  A great resource is GoodReads.com and enjoy books recommended by friends.  Pick a popular title and read it together with a few friends as a book club.  Learning to type is a sure skill you will need for a lifetime.  Why hunt and peck for the letters when you can master the keyboard and type 60 words a minute with these free programs:   Dance Mat Typing and  Typing Club


Sciencebuddies.org is a rich website offering free science project ideas for students.  They even have a helpful wizard that asks students to respond to a series of simple statements and then uses their answers to recommend age-appropriate projects aligned with their interests.  For a nominal fee outschool.com has over 100,000 online classes like forensic and space science. 


You can be a couch potato and manage to sharpen history facts at the same time with these informative and captivating multimedia resources.  Everyone loves National Geographic and the whole family can join in the beautifully captured footage found at   National Geographic  Ken Burns is an acclaimed film maker and cares deeply about education.  He and his collaborators have created top-notch documentary clips allowing students to broaden their perspectives. Ken Burns in the Classroom and if you like geography you cannot miss the youtube channel “Geography Now” featuring the coolest, entertaining and whimsical young hosts.