Nov. 29, 2021

Adding Healthy Habits

By Ms. Alice Pak

What is your routine? Do you have one? As an online student, you would want to consider adopting a few practical habits as you navigate your coursework at CALPAC. Even consider your diet to your environment. Your daily routine and habits should help you stay as productive as possible. 

So here are three healthy habits for distance learning you can start practicing today!

1. Create an Organized Workspace

Yes, we have all done it. We rolled out of bed without combing our hair with our PJs still on and reached for our laptops to start the school day. It’s tempting and easy, but is it practical to get in your “zone” of productive work? It’s easier to fall back to sleep, look at your phone, and or stare into space for hours. This is why it’s essential to have a dedicated workspace that will help you become more productive daily. Choose a spot, a desk, table, or counter. This area should feel helpful for your individual needs so you can maintain an organized work environment. These simple habits and choices can help you manage your coursework successfully. 

2. Have a Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine? If you do, you are ensuring yourself that you are ready to learn! It is essential to start each day with a purpose so you can navigate your courses. So, for example, if your live sessions begin at noon, you may want to set your alarm for 10:3AM. This way, you can dress, eat, and complete any other activities on your to-do list. You should feel more alert during your live sessions as well! Start this now! A morning routine sets you up for success. 

3. Take Breaks and Choose Nutritious Foods and Drinks

Our bodies are not robots! We are not designed to sit in our seats for 8 hours straight. So, we should make an effort to move our bodies as often as possible throughout the day. A little stretch or walk does a body good! Take a break after you finish a lesson or two! Use your free time to complete your favorite exercise so you are ready for your next assignment. In addition, a balanced diet can help you stay focused throughout the day. You don’t have to change your eating habits entirely, but you should ensure you are strong physically and mentally. For example, you can swap your chips or candy with walnuts! Simple as that. Water is an excellent alternative to soda or energy drinks as well. 

Try these three habits today! You will notice a difference right away with not just your work product but even your mood. If you put your mind to it and consider the changes, that is a great start. It’s also important to reach out whenever you need assistance. Of all distance learning tips, using your resources is one of the most essential. For example, your homeroom teachers at CALPAC can help you transition into your new routine. If you struggle with your courses now, you’re not alone! Chat with your teachers and we will guide you to healthy habits! Hoping and expecting great results CALPAC students!