Oct. 8, 2019

A Message from our CalPac Director, Mrs. Feher

Dear CalPac Students and Families,

Can you believe we’re already in the sixth week of school?! We are so pleased to welcome so many new families to CalPac as we embark on our best year yet.  As we move into the 19-20 school year, CalPac is focusing this year on the California School Dashboard. If you’re not sure what that is, watch this very short video.

You can find CalPac’s school dashboards by searching the following:

California Pacific Charter - San Diego

Community Collaborative Charter

California Pacific Charter - Sonoma (this is a new school and will have baseline data in 2020)

The California School Dashboard measures school performance in the following areas:

  • Chronic Absenteeism
  • Suspension Rate
  • Graduation Rate
  • College/Career Readiness
  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics

CalPac is doing well in English Language Arts (ELA) and Suspension Rate, but could use some work in Graduate Rate and Mathematics.  We are committed to serving all students, so you can expect some constructive conversations with students who are behind in credits. We’re also launching an intervention program for students who are below grade level in ELA and Math test scores.  Students in all grade levels will receive 10 hours of free tutoring from January to March in hopes of raising test scores.

How can you help your student NOW?  Talk to their teacher. Ask for their test scores, and ask what areas your student can work on throughout the year to improve.  For K-8 students, Edmentum has a prescribed path that is specifically tailored to your student that can help remediate with as little as 30 minutes per day in addition to the regular course work.  For students in high school, we have a remedial math course that combines a personalized learning path with tutoring and anchor standards that will prepare students for Algebra 1 while they also earn high school math credits.

As parents, the best thing you can do is make sure your students are logging in and completing work each day.  Daily course engagement is the biggest predictor for success in online learning. If you need a little help or support, your teacher is always just a phone call away!

We hope you are off to a wonderful start at CalPac. 


Christine Feher