March 24, 2017

A Day in the Life

How Ninth Grader, Jacob Sadolsky, Gets Ahead at CalPac

For many students, credit recovery is a means of catching up on schoolwork. For CalPac student, Jacob Sadolsky, it’s a tool to overcome the challenges of muscular dystrophy and learn at his pace.

Jake isn’t behind on credits; he’s ahead. CalPac’s credit recovery program enables him to use his energy efficiently and comfortably, and he is making the most of the opportunity. We had the chance to speak with Jake and his mother, Misty, about their online learning experience with CalPac and were extremely inspired by Jake’s focus, determination, and foresight.

Up Bright and Early

Jake usually wakes up around 6:30 a.m. and begins schoolwork shortly after. Oftentimes, he completes his assignments by the afternoon. If he doesn’t, it is not a problem.

“Jake’s body runs in cycles of energy,” Misty says. “When he finishes his work in the morning, he has the afternoon to rest. If he needs to stop and rest in the morning, he can do so and come back to his schoolwork in the evening.”

One Course at a Time

Jake is enrolled in CalPac’s Track A program, where students take one course at a time, completing a semester’s worth of work in an accelerated, 3-week format. Track B offers a more traditional curriculum of multiple classes in a semester.

Jake is currently studying Spanish 1A and previously completed 11th grade History 1A. He is technically in his freshman year of high school but well into sophomore credits. Next, he will move on to Spanish 1B.

“After that, I’m leaning toward science,” Jake says. “I like to mix it up.”

Relax and Recover

Jake and Misty are grateful for CalPac because the program offers a manageable schedule and comfortable atmosphere catering to Jake’s condition.

“He’s able to be successful and happy,” Misty says. “A lot of students use CalPac to excel in sports or the arts; we’re just thankful to have an option that accommodates Jake’s health.”

With no unnecessary traveling and more time in the day, Jake is able to enjoy many different activities at home, including computer games, piano, and educational TV shows. He has a passion for history and has been studying the subject independently since fourth grade. Meanwhile, Khan Academy’s “Hour of Code” online programming courses have inspired him to pursue video programming.

“In Jake’s situation, online learning has helped him discover his passions. Without having to expend extra physical energy, he is always learning something new.”

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