Jan. 3, 2020

6th Grade STAR Student: Talia H.

CalPac is so pleased to recognize Talia H. as a STAR Student this month! She enjoys learning and continues to excel in her studies. When a task is assigned, Talia is attentive to the instructions and works diligently to complete quality assignments that reflect her knowledge. She is dedicated to being the best version of herself, and puts a great amount of effort into everything she does.

Here are her answers to our STAR Student interview!

What is your favorite thing about school? 

Talia- My favorite thing about school is the learning experience. I like gathering knowledge and studying since I have always been wanting to learn more. School is a learning place, so I can want to learn more and can focus on assignments to gain intelligence.

What is your favorite thing about yourself? 

Talia - My favorite thing about myself is probably my will to try new things and not give up.

What is something you really like to do? 

Talia - Something I really like to do is sail. Ever since I was seven, I have sailed every weekend to train for upcoming regattas (sailboat races).

What is something you don't like to do?

Talia - Something I don’t like to do is breaking rules. Since my mom is very playful, every time she broke a rule, I always told her to follow the rules but she would call me cold and boring.

Explain what you think it takes to be a good student?

Talia - To become a good student, I think it takes lots of responsibility. It’s important to have responsibility so you can prioritize doing well in school such as, studying, attendance to online classes, developing self-discipline, managing your time, and actually reading and exercising instead of just logging time on your learning logs.

Finish this sentence..... "When I grow up........." 

Talia - ... I would like to earn gold medals in the Olympics, and in my spare time, I want to sail around the world, painting sceneries, taking photos and cooking for onboard clients.