Testing FAQ's

As a California public school, CalPac Online must adhere to the same state testing requirements as all other public schools. Though CalPac Online is an independent study program (either online or home study), there are some exceptions when testing is involved.

Final Exams

At the end of each semester, most high school and some middle school students in CALPAC are required to have their final exams proctored, depending on course enrollments. Students are given several options for having their final exams proctored; including options that allow the student to test from home.

State Testing

All high school and middle school applicable students are required to attend California state testing. State-required testing must be completed at one of our pre-arranged locations and may not be taken from home.

The dates for administration of these tests are set by the state and will be on the calendar at the beginning of the school year.

When state testing is required, students and parents must arrange for transportation to and from the nearest testing location.

The frequency of required state testing varies by grade-level:

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General Overview

Testing Resources:

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