Attendance FAQ's

Cal-Pac operates under the CA Department of Education’s compliance policies for non-classroom based independent study programs. Attendance credit for Cal-Pac Online students is earned differently than the traditional brick and mortar school system, in which a student only has to be present in a seat in order to earn attendance. With Cal-Pac Online, attendance is earned by the amount of work a student completes. Another big difference is that there are no excused absences in independent study!

For more detailed information please view the answers to these common questions.

How is attendance earned at CalPac?

The attendance policy requires students to complete academic work each school day in order to earn attendance. The work completed must be done on a scheduled school day in order to earn attendance (work completed on non-school days do not earn attendance credit).

What does CalPac consider as “work”?

Completed work primarily consists of quizzes, tests, exams, and assessments. Online classroom completed work that also counts toward attendance include: assignments (written or multiple choice), homework, lectures, and lab assignments. There are also academic activities that may count toward earned attendance that include: live class session participation, PE activities, field trip attendance, club participation, research/reading/and, or study time (must be written down in the student activity log in order to be assessed as possible attendance credit).

What about absences?

Per the CA department of education there are no excused absences with independent study programs. CalPac handles each attendance issue on an individual basis. CalPac faculty and staff will work with parent and student to ensure that help is provided when needed; however, the CalPac attendance policy, as agreed upon signing the master agreement, states that a student may be withdrawn for missing 20 consecutive days.