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Attention Students: 

(Announcements updated 4-15-15)

CALPAC is taking a survey of students and parents.  We would like all parents to complete the following survey by 5/15/15.  The results will help us identify and address areas of need for our students!
CALPAC wants to hear from you!  Please complete the survey by 5/15/15.  You may only complete the survey once.  The results will help us identify and address the areas of need for our students!
Christian Club
Meets this Thursday, 4/2 at 1pm
Contact Mr. Lee for information:

Support And Gender Awareness
Meets Mondays at 2pm
Contact Ms. Dietz for information:

Career Resources:
CALPAC students, it's important to explore your career interests before going to college or entering the workforce.  Check out these helpful tools!

The latest edition of the newsletter is now available.  Check it out!

Get your money in for graduation and cap/gowns (due 5/8).  If you have any questions, please contact -


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