How Online School Works at CalPac

CalPac Online and Community Collaborative Charter School has an online option available to students in grades 6-12. CalPac offers homeschool courses online to meet middle school and high school requirements.

Online Courses

Students enrolled in the online program option learn with the flexibility of online courses and curriculum, but the consistency of a traditional brick and mortar calendar. Students are expected to keep up with their school assignments, just like a traditional school program.

Each week, students have assignments that are accessible through the online/homeschool platform--anytime a student has internet access, they have access to their entire course curriculum. There are no books or worksheets. Students can access the course content 24/7 and complete work throughout the week at their convenience.

Online Teachers

Teachers are available to CalPac students grades 6-12 during regular business hours. Each homeschool course has a weekly live session, which is held in real time, in our online virtual classroom. Teachers may take students on a virtual field trip, prepare for an upcoming test, or present a PowerPoint to enrich the material that the student is accessing online throughout the week in their course.

For extra help, students may sign up for online tutoring offered weekly by each teacher. Teachers are accessible by email, phone, and Instant Messaging. Homeroom teachers work with students and parents to keep students on pace, making sure they are completing the work each week to stay on track. Click here to see a sample Live Session and how they work.

Online Students

Students who come to CalPac are self-motivated, independent educational learners. At CalPac, we celebrate diversity, and welcome all types of students. We have courses for all types of learners, and our students benefit from a personalized learning approach to their middle school and high school education.

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