Online High School Credit Recovery

Students fall behind during their high school career for many reasons. If you are looking for a flexible program for your student to recover credits they are missing, CalPac’s online credit recovery program can help your high school student get back on track and recover credits in courses they have previously taken but did not pass.

Who can enroll?

How it works:

High School Credit Recovery students start with 4 courses, but will not be required to work in all of them at once. We recommend students work on 1 to 2 online courses at a time to complete them efficiently. Students are required to pass the course with a 60% (D-) or higher, and can work at their own accelerated pace while still mastering the course material. Once students finish and pass at least 3 of the 4 courses, we will add 1 to 2 courses at a time. As students complete courses, they will receive new courses. There is no limit to the amount of courses a student can take. Courses must be passed with a 60% or higher to move forward. Students will not be allowed to add new courses with less than 4 weeks left in the semester.

CalPac High School Credit Recovery students have the potential to recover anywhere from 30-85 credits depending on how quickly courses are completed. Below are a few examples of different pace plans for the credit recovery program, but please remember there is no limit to the amount of courses students can take.

4 classes every 4 weeks = 16 classes completed per semester = 80 credits
2 classes every 4 weeks = 10 classes completed per semester= 50 credits
1 class every 4 weeks = 5 classes completed per semester= 25 credits
2 classes every 8 weeks = 5 classes completed per semester= 25 credits


We are here to help you! You will receive personalized support from your Guidance Counselor.

This includes:

Teachers are also available to support homeschooled students in their classes by phone, email, and the virtual classroom. They will also provide students with recorded live classroom sessions and any other support they need to be successful in their credit recovery program for high school.

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