AVID at CalPac

online schoolCalPac is excited to expand our online middle school option to include AVID starting with the 2015-16 school year. This makes us one of the first programs in California to offer AVID online.

What is AVID?

AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college readiness program designed to build up organizational skills, study skills and critical thinking to make students college and career ready. The goal of AVID is to promote a college going culture that focuses on reaching all groups of students using proven instruction techniques and support to increase student performance and confidence in their academic abilities.

AVID uses a rigorous curriculum based on WICOR strategies (Writing, Inquiry, Communication, Organization and Reading) that provide students a foundation of tools and skills to help them grow their potential to become model leaders and high achievers. AVID supports the importance of a well rounded education that sets students up to attend college and succeed once they graduate high school.

AVID Students:

Students are selected on a variety of attributes, complete an application, and go through a formal interview with the AVID team. Once in the AVID program, students will continue to be a part of AVID throughout their middle and high school years, and have the opportunity to continue AVID in college. AVID students are also encouraged to take advanced courses (honors and AP classes) when available. AVID students take an AVID elective course along with their regular core classes.

During this elective course students receive daily instruction on how to perform better in all classes by building up key study, communication, and organizational skills, encouraging students to analyze and question what they are learning, providing academic support through mentor tutors, and increasing overall confidence in their academic abilities, including attending college.

AVID students also work closely with their AVID counselor, who will help them plan out a graduation plan to make sure they are on the college track and help with the college application process.

The AVID Elective Class:

The AVID Elective class is taught online to students during the regular school day using AVID curriculum. Students attend a live session for AVID Monday-Friday using Blackboard and are expected to complete daily assignments and activities, participate in group tutoring sessions, and maintain a “virtual” binder portfolio of all their work. On Fridays, students will attend in person or virtual field trips, have presentations from guest speakers, and participate in other fun activities that focus on the college aspect of AVID.

The AVID Elective Class challenges students to think deeper about what they are learning to improve their understanding in any given subject, while also building up reading, and writing skills necessary for any course or career. The AVID Elective Course is a fantastic support system for students to grow and develop all of their academic skills so that they can succeed in their classes and prepare for college, while also becoming part of a close knit AVID family of students and teachers.

AVID School Wide:

CalPac is focused on preparing students to be college and career ready by the time they graduate, which goes with the goals of the AVID program. This is why AVID skills are not just limited to AVID students.

To better support AVID students and increase the performance of all students, AVID strategies, especially the WICOR method, are embedded into regular core classes and are used by all CalPac teachers to improve the complexity of all student learning and achievement.

AVID is a team effort and the ideas taught in the AVID elective course blend perfectly with the push to increase depth of knowledge and critical thinking of all students to make them college and career ready.

What AVID Looks Like for the 2015-2016 School Year:

For the first year AVID will be offered to our 2015-16 7th Grade Class, with a new grade being added in each year. Our 7th grade students have already been selected.

AVID Team:


If you have questions about the AVID program at CalPac please contact our AVID Elective teacher, Mrs. Rineberg at 949-335-5895. If you would like to read or learn more about AVID please visit