Tips for Finishing the Fall Semester Strong Dec. 5, 2017

Tips for Finishing the Fall Semester Strong

We are quickly approaching the end of the fall semester. If you are behind pace, it’s important to make a plan on how to get caught up and to adhere to it. Below are some tips that you may find useful as you are planning how to catch up and finish your courses in a timely manner.

  • Make a plan or daily schedule (your HR teacher can help you)
  • Work an extra hour or two each day
  • Work on the weekends and winter break
  • Contact your teacher for extra help
  • If you get stuck in a course contact your teacher immediately.
  • If you can’t move on in one course, work in another until you are able to move on
  • Complete 8-9 lessons per day (across all subjects)
  • If you are behind in multiple courses, start with 1 course and work extra in it daily until you are caught up, then start on the next course
  • Schedule any necessary final exams with your homeroom teacher