Staying on Pace as the Holidays Approach Oct. 27, 2017

Staying on Pace as the Holidays Approach

CalPac students have been in school for more than a month. Are you ahead in your assignments? Falling behind? We want to encourage you to stay on pace, especially as the holiday season approaches. Happy (early) Halloween!

CalPac students are dedicated to reaching a level of academic success – this can be a hard job when attending school virtually! Our online students have to manage their time in a way that includes completing an assignment in every course weekly and logging in daily to complete at least one assignment. Many students do not have someone at home to motivate them to complete their coursework and avoid the many distractions that face them during the day.

Students are encouraged to prepare their own weekly schedules that incorporate completing work in all courses at specific hours of the day while also scheduling time for family, friends, recreation and even work. The Assignment Calendars in the online courses are a great guide for narrowing down what to work on each day in each course. The calendars are color-coded to show a student what they have already completed, what’s in progress, and what to complete to catch up with the pace of the course.

A weekly calendar outlining all of the tasks to be completed should be developed each Monday. Check off boxes next to each task – you’ll be a sense of accomplishment each time you check a box! The calendar also has time set aside for live sessions, tutoring sessions and homeroom sessions. It can even have a list of the virtual teachers names and their office hours for easy reference.

Set up a weekly calendar today and stay on pace in your courses – you won’t regret it. We promise!