Online Public Charter Schools: A Different Approach to Homeschool Sept. 18, 2017

Online Public Charter Schools: A Different Approach to Homeschool

As more problems emerge with today’s educational system, many parents are turning to homeschooling as the primary resource for their child’s education.  Often times, this is a huge undertaking for parents for which they are not prepared. At CalPac, we’ve watched as parents struggle to enforce the structure of a school day on their students with little success.  What most homeschooling families don’t realize is there’s a third option – online public school. Online public schools like CalPac perfectly blend together what few others have been able to do while students (and parents) reap the benefits of what both public and homeschooling have to offer.

Enrolling in an online public charter school allows parents the freedom to not only monitor their student’s education at home, but to monitor social interactions, and to have more control over their student’s safety than at a traditional “brick and mortar” school.  As an online learner, one can allow the online charter school to take care of the core subjects for the student, while the parent can focus on planning other extra-curricular activities or religious pursuits.

Parents of multiple children don’t have to try and juggle the curriculum of many ages and grade levels. Children in an online program log in to their own curriculum, have access to their own teachers, and will learn the state standards required by the state of California.

Because online education can be done from anywhere at any time, homeschooling families who choose online schools can freely travel, go on field trips, or participate in other homeschool groups without worrying about their student missing out on their studies, or worrying about attendance.  And because online programs take place virtually, through an internet connection, there is no need to lug around piles of books and materials.  It can all be done from the comfort of a computer.

Homeschooling and online charter schools go hand-in-hand. Parents have the luxury of keeping their children at home, while being an active and committed part of their student’s education.  Parents can focus their attention on working with their student through the online coursework, planning outings to supplement the work, or enrolling their students in daytime activities that they would not normally be able to take part. Let’s face it, online schooling is the wave of the future. Whether students attend traditional school, homeschool, or a combination somewhere in between, all students should be taking advantage of advances in online education, as it will undoubtedly prepare them for the digital future.