November Star Student: Katelynn Nov. 1, 2017

November Star Student: Katelynn

Katelynn is our student highlight for the month of November - congratulations!

Katelynn is seventeen years old and she is also a dancer and nanny. She has been attending CalPac since the beginning of summer this year and absolutely loves it. The courses at CalPac allow for her to learn at her own pace and understand concepts more easily. Katelynn is also happy for the opportunity to work hard at Calpac to graduate early.

When it comes to study tips and advice for academic success, Katelynn has this to say:

“I know how hard it is to beat procrastination. This is probably my biggest problem when it comes to school, especially with a goal to graduate early. I learned this little tip from a very successful peer, Caleb Maddix, to overcome this habit. - Count to three and on the count of three, start doing whatever it is that you have been procrastinating on. Don't ask yourself questions, just do it! I always find success with this tip.”

In ten years she sees herself "living whatever life that seems the most joyful at that moment." Regardless of what career field she will be in or the people in her life, she is determined that she will stay inspired and joyful throughout all the years of her life.