Letter From Our Principal - May 2017 May 5, 2017

Letter From Our Principal - May 2017

Dear CalPac Students and Parents/Guardians,

Another year has come and gone for CalPac! This year, we have really enjoyed working with our students. We've seen a lot of growth through the year, as students have learned new concepts and achieved new heights! This year, we had some new events, such as student-run clubs and even an online talent show! Our students are so passionate and they are what truly make CalPac a special place to be.

As we wrap up the year, thank you for bringing your students to State Testing. State testing directly impacts CalPac funding, so it's vital that students attend and try their best. We will be looking at the scores of our students to drive instruction and interventions for the 2017-2018 school year. As always, we make a concerted effort to target the needs of our students and offer the support necessary to see them succeed.

To close out the year, remember to keep on track with your classes. It's easy to take it easy with summer right around the corner, but now is precisely the time to keep your eyes on your pace, progress, and scores! Be sure to make appointments with teachers for extra tutoring well before finals week, as their schedules start to fill up. Review Live Session recordings, Cornell notes, and past quizzes and tests before Final Exams. As Finals Week approaches, be sure to schedule proctored exams with your homeroom teachers. 

Lastly, remember that we are offering a summer learning opportunity this year! If you’re interested in earning some credits this summer, please contact your Guidance Counselor. And if you have a friend who needs classes this summer, be sure to recommend CalPac!

Best of luck to all students in their final week of school. We will see the Class of 2017 at graduation on June 8th, and the rest of you in September 2017!


Principal Feher

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