How to Study for Finals May 4, 2017

How to Study for Finals

Final exams are not like your regular tests as they are often cumulative and worth more in terms of grade weights. It is crucial to plan early on how to study for them as you have to take a couple of them very close to each other. Depending on how your finals are weighted, your final exam grade could determine whether you pass a course or if you can get a higher final grade in the course (It could be a difference between a C and B), which would also look good on your transcript!

Here are a couple of tips to get ready for your final exams:

1. Start early and create a study calendar.

If you plan out your study sessions for each one of your courses a few weeks in advance, you would not be overwhelmed with them when finals week draws near. If you need help creating a schedule or calendar, talk to your homeroom or content teachers to figure out how much time you need to set aside each day for each subject.

2. Take and use your notes.

You should be taking e-notes or Cornell Notes as you are going through your lessons. Good notes are the ones where you actively determine what is important to write down and how your topics connect to one another. Notes can help jog your memories on the key details of the lessons needed for the final exam.

3. Use your teachers as resources.

If you feel that you are not understanding the content materials on your own even as you are taking and studying your notes, reach out to your teachers for tutoring. They are here to support you because they also want you to do well on the final exam. Be proactive and seek out study guides and/or ask questions about the course when you are confused.

4. Make sleep and eating healthy a priority.

When you procrastinate in studying, you might feel that you have to pull an all-nighter and cram everything in at the last minute. This is not a good idea because when you are add stress and a lack of sleep into the equation, you will lose concentration and won’t retain the as much of the information by the time the test begins. It is better to chunk your study sessions and get at least 8 hour of sleeps each day to put yourself in optimal condition. Please also remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of water before the final exam to provide energy for your brain.

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