High School Student Highlight: Sophia May 1, 2017

High School Student Highlight: Sophia

Name: Sophia

Grade: 10th Grade

I’m Sophia, but Soph is cool if you like brevity. I am fifteen years old, and I am biracial (half Mexican and half white). I have Asperger’s syndrome, and I am an outspoken youth rights advocate. People also tell me I can do a great Squidward impression, though I do not know where that would go on a resume.

I have been attending CalPac for four years. I enrolled in the spring of 2013. I enjoy playing computer games, spending time with my cat, studying Vietnamese, buying stuffed animals and tiaras, drawing, writing, listening to music, and singing.  My favorite movies are Trolls, the 2016 live-action adaption of The Jungle Book, Hugo, Up, The Incredibles, The Room, Mulan, Silence of the Lambs, The Shawshank Redemption, Carrie, and Citizen Kane.  My favorite book is The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.

I love to sing, collect stuffed animals (I have over one hundred of them, trust me, I counted), and play Minecraft. I am also a huge fan of the Eddsworld franchise.

I have aspiration of attending college and I’m planning on studying law.  Some study tips that I have for students taking online courses are to write your notes in any way that is helpful to you. It doesn’t always have to follow a strict format. If it makes sense to you, that’s all that matters.  

10 years from now I see myself as being a musician, a writer, or a lawyer. If I become famous, I want to use that fame to bring attention to important issues, especially youth rights. 20 years from now, I see myself running for Congress, Senator, or even President. But if I don’t make it as any of them, I at least want to contribute to the causes I believe in.

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