High School Student Highlight: Nilsa May 2, 2017

High School Student Highlight: Nilsa

Name: Nilsa

Grade: 12th

My name is Nilsa and I was born in May so I am a spring baby. I have a small mixed terrier and his name is lucky. I love going to the museums, I am particularly interested in Greek mythology. I am also interested in Psychology; I always wonder how the mind works and how our thoughts come to mind and how someone acts upon someone and or something.

I love to bake on my spare time. I always try new flavors on the icing and of course on the bread.

My favorite movie as of now is a movie that came out not so long ago, its called Split. It’s about a man who has 23 split personalities, which causes him to abduct three girls and do weird and horrible acts.

One of my favorite books that I am reading is called Deadly Little Lies. It’s a suspense book and I highly recommend it.

Two of my hobbies are reading and cooking. I absolutely love to read any book that comes my way. It’s amazing how many books there are. I also love to cook when my mom needs my help and I usually whip up something new for my family.

After I graduate high school, I am planning on going to a community college for two years and transfer to a university to major in psychology.

I would recommend studying ahead of time, which is really important. Also, taking breaks between your studies, eating brain food, being well-rested, drinking lots of water, and having an organized study space can help.

In 10 years, I see myself having an amazing job that I love and with good pay. Also, having my own house and car with my family being very proud of me because of all my accomplishments.

In 20 years, I see myself travelling the world with my mother, discovering the wonders and the cultures of so many different countries in the world.

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