Final Exam Preparation and Proctoring Dec. 5, 2017

Final Exam Preparation and Proctoring


Final exams can be 10-20% of your course grade and can have a big impact on your relative grade in your courses. Most Cal Pac courses have a final exam preparation tool and/or review built into the course. Students can access the review as the assignment immediately before the final exam in the course sequence. Students are encouraged to use this review assignment as a tool to prepare themselves for the final exam. While completing the review, students should revisit lessons in the course and reference their Cornell Notes they took throughout the semester to help recall the material. Students can also create their own study guides by going through the questions that they wrote in the left column of their Cornell notes and viewing previous quiz attempts throughout the course. Another great tool in preparation for the final exam are the teachers’ live session recordings posted in the Student Resource Folder

Your teacher(s) may be conducting a final exam review session during the week of Dec 18, be on the lookout for an email from your teacher(s).


Most Cal Pac courses require a proctor for the final exam. Cal Pac teachers proctor their students via web cam in Blackboard rooms. If you do not have a webcam, contact your homeroom teacher right away so that one can be sent to you.