Field Trips in a Virtual World Nov. 1, 2017

Field Trips in a Virtual World

Being a virtual school, many students already know how to direct their own learning.  In addition to virtual curriculum, a great way to expand learning and learn new things is to visit local places of interest, watch documentaries, and read.  Learning how to gain knowledge for yourself is a great skill for college and life, but it will also enhance your understanding and interactions with your learning.   

When you get to explore with your eyes, hands, and body, you become a lot more engaged with your learning, and you will remember it so much longer.  Take the opportunity to go see first-hand places you have read and learned about.  As you walk the narrow halls of the USS Midway, you can almost imagine what life was like for the soldiers who served aboard her.  You have a special snapshot into the lives of those who have come before you by seeing, touching, and experiencing what they did and seeing how they lived, fought, and died for our country.  When you visit battlefields, you will experience a sense of understanding, fear, and respect for those who fought and died.  You will feel the impact of what it meant for those soldiers who stood in that exact same spot so many years ago.  Visiting a mission gives you insight into how people experienced life, religion, and family in the early years of California’s history.  Exploring a science museum and taking in the glory of a space shuttle will give you a sense of awe about the incredible feats we have accomplished as a country and how much there is left to explore in our universe.  You can learn about the brave pioneers who have traveled into space, landed on the moon, and studied the galaxy.  Taking in the art of the Getty and other museums will make you appreciate the creativity, talent, and insight of centuries of artists that represent periods of our global history.  Make your learning come alive by experiencing art, history, science, and more!

There are lots of science, history, art, and other museums and historical places of interest all throughout California that can increase learning.  Visiting these places can be a lot of fun, and you can learn some really interesting things along the way!   We encourage you to find a place that interests you and go visit.  We do hold CalPac sponsored field trips throughout the year as well, so consider joining us for a fun adventure!

This is by no means a complete list, but here are some really fun and educational places to visit in Northern and Southern California. Some of these we will be visiting this year, so check out the list of field trips being offered below:

  1.    California Missions
  2.    Hearst Castle
  3.    Discovery Cube
  4.    Nixon Library
  5.    Reagan Library
  6.    LA Natural History Museum
  7.    California Science Center
  8.    Sutter’s Fort
  9.    Bower’s Museum
  10.    Museum of Tolerance
  11.    Long Beach Aquarium
  12.    California State Railroad Museum
  13.    The Tech Museum of Innovation
  14.    The USS Midway

If you are not able to visit in person, many places offer virtual field trips that allow you to explore the museums and artifacts.  Some great places to search for online and explore are:

  1.    The Moon via Google Earth
  2.    Tour the White House
  3.    Tour the Capital Building
  4.    The Louvre (art museum in France)
  5.    Reagan Library
  6.    Ellis Island
  7.    Anne Frank’s Annex
  8.    Smithsonian Natural History Museum

So get out there and explore- and remember to keep on eye on the newsletters for more info on the exciting upcoming field trips led by our CalPac teachers!