Creating Structure in Online Learning Oct. 20, 2017

Creating Structure in Online Learning

Let’s be honest: we all know that online school gives you a ton of freedom. But it’s not all fun and games. No, our students don’t have to rush through crowded hallways to beat the bell. Our students don’t have to stand in the lunch line in the cafeteria. Our students don’t have to worry about forgetting their locker combination. Some students thrive in the traditional brick-and-mortar school environment and others would prefer to work from home.

CalPac offers our students the flexibility to work from their homes (or library or on the road while traveling), but we also love structure – and we thrive on it. Having structure is a healthy practice and we work together with our students to find a balance of freedom and focus. You create some of that structure and we create some of it.

CalPac teachers will schedule live sessions, tutoring, social hours and field trips, but its up to our students to manage their time wisely and attend all mandatory events. We encourage our students to wake up early and begin their live sessions around the time they would in a traditional school setting – ideally around 9 a.m. We encourage students to spend their mornings doing school work, take a lunch break and then do a couple of more hours of focused and productive work after lunch. But of course, its up to you!

Once work for the day or week is complete, we encourage our student to be active in whatever they are passionate about. At CalPac we have athletes, musicians, artists, and more.

The freedom of online education allows students to spend time doing extracurricular activities that they love. Our students are active in their communities – volunteering at animal shelters and local hospitals – playing on local sports team, and participating in other community projects and events.

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