College and Career Readiness at CalPac Nov. 1, 2017

College and Career Readiness at CalPac

As you have noticed, we have an awesome new class this year for all high school students!  The College and Career Readiness course is designed to help you learn study skills, critical thinking, goal setting, organization, and what you plan to do after high school.  

Each month, you will receive a new set of exciting and engaging lessons to complete.  The assignments are focused on a variety of topics to help you be engaged in your own learning and to set good learning habits.  Regardless of your goals after high school, it is so important for all students to learn how to study, read for understanding, set goals, be organized, and plan.  This course strives to help you learn how to do all of these things in a fun and engaging way.

This course is not located in Edgenuity like the other courses.  You will need to access it outside of Edgenuity at this link:  

  1. First, you will need to create your own google folder.  There are detailed directions and videos to instruct students on how to do this, but you should reach out to your homeroom teacher if you have any questions or problems.  
  2. The assignments are a combination of forms, surveys, projects, and written work.  Follow the assignment list carefully to ensure you are completing all assignments in that month!  
  3. The assignments are due at the end of each month, and then a new set of assignments will be available for the next month.
  4. Please reach out to your homeroom teacher or the teacher for your class for help!!!  See the list below for who the teacher of your College and Career Course is:
    1. 9th grade:  Mr. Gachalian  
    2. 10th-12th grade last names starting with A-L:  Ms. Hopkins
    3. 10th-12th grade last names starting with M-Z: Ms. Nuzman

The College and Career Readiness course is required for ALL high school students.  This course is worth 2.5 credits, so you are earning electives credits for completing assignments in this course.  The course is a pass/fail course, meaning if you complete the work you will pass the course.  If you do not, you will fail the course and it will count as failed credits on your transcript.  If you have not started, get working in this class today!  It will help you be a better student and figure out what you would like to accomplish when you graduate high school!