CalPac Students Participate in Local Math Competition July 6, 2017

CalPac Students Participate in Local Math Competition

Last month, three of CalPac’s own participated in an exciting and academically challenging event in San Diego. San Diego Math Field Day, an annual middle school math competition, has been running for almost fifty years and provides a venue of friendly competition to encourage interest in math and STEM fields for middle school students throughout San Diego County.

CalPac had a co-ed team who thoroughly enjoyed competing together in the Win Lose Draw event. An individual competed in the Sudoku event and nearly placed among the top students. Although our students didn’t place this year, they were grateful for the opportunity to try something new.

In fact, one of our CalPac students had this to say about the experience, "Never be afraid to try new things, even if you think you won't be good at it. I was nervous about doing Math Field Day because I'm not the greatest in math but once I did it, I realized I knew more than I thought I did and had a good time."

Much preparation took place in the months prior to the big day. Our students attended weekly training sessions with Mrs. Rineberg and Mrs. Walker. Together, they would would work on event-specific practice problems and discuss competition strategies. In addition to their normal school course load, our students devoted at least one hour per week to training.

Congratulations to our students for participating in the event for the first time and for representing CalPac. Your teachers and fellow students are proud of you.

"I am so proud of the effort [the students] put in to training for Math Field Day for the last 4 months. This was the first year that CalPac participated in the event, and these 3 students were ready to jump in and try it. We really weren't sure what to expect but I'm so glad they decided to try it, and even though they didn't place they had a great time and learned that math can be fun. I'm hopeful that this will be an annual thing for CalPac in the years to come." – Mrs. Rineberg

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