CalPac Semester Slump: How to Avoid It! Oct. 16, 2018

CalPac Semester Slump: How to Avoid It!

Since you are online and not seeing your teachers each day, it is easier to get behind in your classes or feel less motivated.  We are here to help you avoid the October blues!

The first month of school is fresh, new, exciting, and a clean slate.  Once you get into October, you might find yourself falling into some old habits.  It is important to identify what those problems areas are, ask for help, and set goals to avoid them.  Here are some ways your CalPac online teachers recommend for avoiding the semester slump.

  1. Set a schedule for yourself so that you remember to get online each day and complete schoolwork. Just like in brick and mortar, it is super important that you are logging into school each day and making progress in your online classes.
  2. Ask teachers for help! If you are struggling, reach out to your homeroom teacher, content teachers, or counselor.  They are all willing to help you set goals, schedules, tutor, and more.  Online meetings with your teachers are a great way to connect with your mentors and receive help.
  3. Attend class! Going to virtual live sessions each week is a great way to connect with fellow classmates and receive help with your online school work.  Plus, they are fun!
  4. Set goals! This is probably the most important one.  Figure out what your goals are for this semester and the school year.  Do you want to graduate in June?  Be back on track to graduate?  Recovery a certain number of credits?  Discuss your goals with your homeroom teacher and then figure out a plan to execute your goals.  Having a goal in mind will help you feel more motivated each day.  Write it on a sticky note and put it next to your computer so when you login online each day you see your goal. 

It is completely normal to get in a little bit of a slump.  Ask your teachers for help!  They are happy to help to help encourage you to reach your goals.  You can do it!