Special Education 

 CalPac will provide a rigorous curriculum for all students. CalPac understands that the school will have the obligation to serve students with exceptional needs and that the school, pursuant to applicable state and federal law, must ensure that all of its students have access to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.

CalPac will work proactively and cooperatively with families, the teaching staff, and the District to adhere to state and federal mandates in servicing Special Education students including, but not limited to: testing; creating and updating IEPs; special services as provided by outside providers or by the District, etc.  We will also ensure that:

  • We employ admissions and enrollment practices that are non-discriminatory toward students with IEPs.
  • Special needs students are under the guidance of and receive support from the schools Special Education Case Managers.
  • Special Education Case Managers are ensuring that the staff working with students with IEPs are trained in how to fulfill the requirements of the IEPs and in how to best academically support Special Education students in their classes.
  • In working with Special Education students, our school is the least restrictive environment and most appropriate placement for the student as dictated by law.
  • CalPac requests and obtains student's cumulative files and other documents in a timely fashion.
  • We review student assessment data, including but not limited to state-mandated testing, to identify students who may be falling behind expectations in their academic progress and in need of additional support or services. 

Individualized Education Plans Programs and Service Delivery

CalPac will plan and conduct the IEP team meetings and processes and will designate staffing and other resources needed to implement the special education and related services called for by the IEP.  Student progress toward the goals specified in the IEP would be monitored regularly, and formally reviewed by the IEP team on at least an annual triennial basis.  Resource specialists will help CalPac teachers tailor their instruction to ensure that the needs of all special education students are being met.  

Curriculum may be adapted to meet the IEP in the following ways:

  • Students may be given an extra attempt on quizzes and tests.
  • Students may be able to review quiz questions only (not topic tests).
  • Students have access to enotes to use during quizzes and tests.  
  • Students may have the text to speech option.
  • If they are in credit recovery, students may pass with a 60% not a 70% on the pretest.  

Accommodations for students with IEPs may include:

  • Record all live sessions
  • Simplify/Clarify assignment and test instructions
  • Reset tests and quizzes
  • Extended time for the completion of assignments, tests, and quizzes
  • Excuse redundant course assignments
  • Provide step by step breakdown of how to complete complex assignments
  • Allow re-submission of assignments, tests, and quizzes to receive full credit
  • Use of notes during assignments, tests, quizzes, and/or final exams
  • Use of a calculator during assignments, tests, quizzes, and final exams
  • Shortening of assignments if content meets rubric guidelines
  • Provide study guides for final exams
  • Provide content or essay outlines, webbing strategies when appropriate
  • Provide organizational and instructional strategies when appropriate
  • Scaffolding
  • Concept mapping
  • Checklists
  • Multi-media access (video, audio, text)