Online Summer Learning

Online Summer Learning starts July 1, 2019. You can take courses with us to support you in traditional school. If you enjoy your CalPac experience, stay with us for the remainder of the year!

CalPac offers a summer start track for students who would like to start courses in the summer. Courses can be for credit recovery, to replace a D/F grade, or to get ahead. Consult with your Guidance Counselor at your school to determine which courses are beneficial for you!

Saturday log in is required. Students cannot be concurrently enrolled in another school. Enrollment for summer courses is now open until capacity is reached. For more information, please call an admissions coordinator at 855-225-7227. Both the Pre-Registration form and the full registration paperwork must be completed prior to July 1 for enrollment.  To start, please select the application corresponding to your county of residence.

Pre-Registration Form


Application for the counties of: 

  • Kern
  • Los Angeles
  • Ventura 
  • San Bernardino


FALL 2019

WASC Accredited

a-g approved course list

Application for the counties of:

  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • Imperial
  • San Diego


FALL 2019

WASC Accredited

a-g approved course list

Application for the counties of:

  • Sonoma
  • Mendocino
  • Lake
  • Napa
  • Solano
  • Contra Costa
  • Marin


FALL 2019

Candidate for WASC accredidation in 19/20

Course Offerings

English 1*

English 2*

English 3*

English 4*

Visual Art*


Earth Science*

Environmental Science

Biology w/Lab*

Chemistry w/Lab*+

Physics w/Lab*+

Spanish 1*

Spanish 2*

Spanish 3*

French 1*

French 2*

French 3*

American History*

World History*

Algebra 1*


Algebra 2*


Integrated Math 1*

Integrated Math 2*

Integrated Math 3*

Speech & Comm*

American Government*




Strategies For Success

Career Planning

Intro to Art

Art History


P.E. (must be taken in conjunction with another course)

Math 6 Skills

Math 7 Skills

Math 8 Skills

ELA 6 Skills

ELA 7 Skills

ELA 8 Skills

Reading 6 SKILLS

Reading 7 SKILLS

Reading 8 SKILLS

(*)Indicates A‐G approved Course

(+) Indicates In‐Person Wet lab required for course