Middle School

CalPac’s middle school strives to transition students out of elementary school and prepare them for the rigor and independence required to be successful in high school. Doing well in middle school provides students with a solid foundation for future success and is a determining factor in whether or not a student graduates high school. Review our CalPac Middle School Reference Guide for detailed course descriptions, how our program works, daily requirements, grading and student expectations.

Parent Impact on Success

For most middle school students at CalPac, this is their first time doing independent study program and learning online. While online learning provides a lot of flexibility it also requires a new level of student dedication to remain focused without constant prompting or monitoring from a teacher. CalPac’s Middle School depends on the support from parents to help guide student learning at home while middle school teachers support learning online. We see our middle school parents as a leading part of the CalPac Middle School team and encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s learning. 

A Time of Change 

Middle school is a time of change and growth for students. It comes with personal, emotional, mental, and physical changes. Add in more challenging classes and higher teacher expectations and students are often left either rising to the occasion or treading water. That is why CalPac middle school teachers are devoted to making sure our students are prepared, properly challenged, and supported each step of the way so that all students have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for their academic futures. All we require is that students give us their best effort and determination, even when things get challenging, as they work hard to reach our school goal of achieving college and career readiness for all students. 


Middle school students can take advantage of our weekly afternoon study hall for them to drop in with any questions they have, small class sizes for individual attention and support, monthly middle school only events to form strong peer connections, virtual semester planners to keep them organized, and one-on-one support for accessing, navigating, and completing coursework. Students who start with us in 6th or 7th grade also get the benefit of having the same teacher and classmates for multiple years to really build up the teacher-student and student-student relationships. Being a middle school student at CalPac means you are part of our middle school family where everyone is included, differences are appreciated, and bullying of any kind is stomped out.

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