High School

CalPac’s High School program offers college preparatory courses that focus on 21st century skills, including critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Students receive top quality instruction from highly qualified teachers. Our curriculum (from www.edgenuity.com) is Common Core aligned and engaging for all types of learners.

An Individual Plan

CalPac offers a wide selection of high school courses including AP, Honors, Credit Recovery, and CTE courses. Every student who enrolls in CalPac meets with a guidance counselor to discuss their high school plan and choose their courses. College bound students can choose a-g courses to be eligible for UC/CSU entrance requirements. Students in need of course remediation or who are behind on credits for graduation can enroll in the Credit Recovery Program which is an individualized plan to make up credits faster and help students graduate on time. Students who are interested in starting their career after high school can explore careers and begin career training through our Career Technical Education courses.


Every student has weekly meetings with a homeroom teacher who provides individual feedback on course progress and weekly attendance. Homeroom teachers connect students with additional support from content teachers, who provide one-on-one online tutoring. Students also attend weekly live sessions to work collaboratively with their peers and get additional resources to meet course standards and objectives. Parents can support their student by working closely with the homeroom and content teachers and monitoring student work and attendance through the parent portal.

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