Our Faculty 

CalPac has wonderful faculty and staff who care deeply about the success of our students.

CalPac employs highly qualified teachers to work with students and families. Each student receives individualized support to achieve his or her academic and personal goals. Students have several content teachers and a homeroom teacher who work together to ensure that students progress through the material and complete courses.

Ezichi Bordner, Math Teacher

Jennifer Byus, Lead Counselor

Annie Canosa, Spanish and Electives Teacher

Danielle Carbonetta, Guidance & Intake Manager

Ellen Davison, Math Teacher

Kristi Dodson, Language Arts Department Chair

Amy Evans, Science Department Chair

Christine Feher, Director

Rachel Hirota, English Teacher

Mark Holtebeck, Education Specialist

Laura Hopkins, Attendance Coordinator

Debi Huber, Electives Department Chair

Jennifer Littig, English Teacher

Berenice Lopez, Guidance Technician

Lisa Martinez, Counselor & AVID teacher

Nancy McKenna, Social Studies Department Chair

Donald McLeish, Education Specialist

Alexis Morfin, Administrative Assistant

Amy Nguyen, History Teacher

Bea Nguyen, Counselor

PJ Nuzman, Math Teacher

Alice Pak, History Teacher

Terry Pflaumer, Transcript Technician

Erin Rineberg, Middle School Department Chair

Shelby Sullivan, Math Department Chair

Kathryn Sutton, English Teacher

Ari Tavakoulnia, Science Teacher

Ericka Zemmer, Assistant Director