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CALPAC, a program of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, currently serves students in Middle School and High School, grades 6th–12th.


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CALPAC is a Free Program for High School and Middle School

CALPAC is an online program (as part of the Academy of Arts and Sciences Charter Schools) that services middle school and high school students throughout California. CALPAC believes it is important to approach situations with a student-centered attitude and flexibility that promotes student success.

CALPAC students benefit from personalized learning. Our method of instruction is designed to cater to individualized student learning needs and styles. To facilitate learning, our highly motivated teachers provide personalized instruction and extra help via phone, virtual whiteboard, and e-mail communications with students according to their individual needs.

CALPAC provides the high quality instruction every child deserves, without any of the negative influences of traditional schools. Students can successfully work toward graduation via a Home Schooling Program , while enjoying the benefits of a flexible schedule and a distraction free platform.

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